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UFC 120: Alexander Gustafsson Vs. Cyril Diabate

The preliminary card bout between Alexander Gustafsson and Cyril Diabate has been chosen as the lead in Spike’s tape delay broadcast of UFC 120. They skip footage of the walkout and jump right into fighter introductions. Leon Roberts is the third man for this bout.

Round 1: They touch gloves and Gus tries a leg kick. Gustafsson looking sharp in the striking department against world class standup fighter Diabate. Gus drops “The Snake” with a left, follows him to the ground and looks to work side control. Gus is all over him but Diabate eventually gets back to his feet. He eats a knee to the body for it. They clinch against the fence and as they break, Gustafsson lands some big shots the put “The Snake” on his back again. Diabate gets back to his feet but Gus is hammering him, unwilling to let his opponent recover. Diabate with a body kick and a solid combo of his own. Gus goes for a takedown and eventually gets it, establishing side control again. Gus postures up and looks for some ground and pound, Diabate just trying to hold on. scores the round 10-9 for Gustafsson

Round 2: Gus strikes first with a left, Diabate eventually answers with a solid right. Gus picks Diabate up and promptly plants him on the canvas. Gus tying Diabate up on the ground, he establishes full mount. Gustafsson goes for a rear naked, lets go and starts hammering away with punches. He goes for the choke again, lets it go and lands more punches. He goes for it again and sinks it. Diabate taps.

Alexander Gustafsson defeated Cyril Diabate via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:41 of Round 2