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Shane Carwin Hints At Bout With Roy Nelson, Gives Fans General Update

Former number one UFC heavyweight contender Shane Carwin has been mostly quiet since he was implicated as a client to performance enhancing drug dealing company Applied Pharmacy Services in a steroids conspiracy trial. He has recently been taking to The Underground MMA forum to reconnect with fans, and he even slyly hinted at the confirmation of a long-rumored bout against Roy “Big Country” Nelson, which he indicated is going down at UFC 125.

“I am pretty excited about this fight,” Carwin said. “I have been working hard on improving my overall game. That is the great thing about MMA, it is nearly impossible to master. I will be using Jon Chamberg for my strength and conditioning program. Jon is one of the best out there. Other then that I am focusing on my diet. Trying to eat organic and healthy food. I have a a real issue with my diet and most doctors I spoke with pointed at the diet as the issue. What can I say I love pizza!”

Carwin is tailoring his diet to combat the fatigue that led to his July title fight loss to UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar, and he is thankful for having a clear goal to look forward to to justify the hard training that he’s been enduring.

“I have been needing a fight to focus on,” Carwin said. “It makes training with guys like Nate [Marquardt] and Brendan [Schaub] more bearable. At least you have a reason for getting your head pounded on.”

Despite his loss to Lesnar, which came in a fight he was absolutely dominating before he gassed out, Carwin maintains that he has been keeping his head up since UFC 116 and is looking forward to getting back in the cage.

“Overall life has been great since 116,” Carwin wrote. “My family and I got some much needed down time. I have been doing appearances 3 weekends a month for most of the summer (it was great to meet a lot of you). I really could not be in a better place and now with an opponent I have something to focus on.”

As far as his rumored bout with Nelson goes, Carwin again took to The Underground in order to keep fans up to date; though he didn’t exactly come out and confirm for sure that he is taking on Nelson, the following post coupled with a video of the country band “Big Country’s” song, “In a Big Country,” seems to indicate that Nelson is next up for Carwin.

“I can’t say who I am fighting,” Carwin wrote. “I can only promise you a great fight. This song however is not in my current play list.”