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Paul Heyman Releases Second EA Sports MMA Video

Former pro wrestling visionary Paul Heyman began a new chapter in his life last week after signing a deal to help promote the upcoming release of “EA Sports MMA.” The marketing wizard dropped the first of five personality-driven videos last Friday and has quickly followed up with some more captivating work today.

While Strikeforce welterweight champ Nick Diaz starred in last week’s debut episode, MMA icon Frank Shamrock takes the stage in the latest installment.

“We’re very proud of this piece,” stated Heyman. “Frank Shamrock is one of the true pioneers of mixed martial arts, one of the greatest fighters of all time. Now, retirement has become his prison, because inside his body beats the heart of a fighter. Frank Shamrock isn’t the type to retire, he wants to fight. He’d love to enter the cage and compete again. Now, the only way for him to do so, is for the gamer to be Frank in the game.”

You can watch Heyman’s latest masterpiece below: