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Randy Couture Unsure Of His Fighting Future

UFC Hall of Famer and multiple-division, multiple-time champion Randy “The Natural” Couture recently made an appearance on the MMA:30 Radio Hour in conjunction with in which he expanded on comments that his lawyer, Sam Spira, made concerning Couture’s future in the sport. Spira made a short public statement recently indicating that his 47-year old client is currently unsure of whether or not he will continue competing in MMA; that Couture is leaning towards a friendlier career as an actor following the success of The Expendables, in which Couture had a prominent role.

“I think [acting] is certainly what my interest is right now,” Couture said. “I’ve had an amazing year, and I think it’s time to start looking at that, for sure. That’s probably what’s going to carry me through for the next 10 or 15 years.”

Couture is fresh off of a victory over boxing champion James Toney; “The Natural” was chosen to spoil Toney’s MMA debut and succeeded with flying colors. Couture took “Lights Out” down immediately with a low single and from there the finish was academic: he softened Toney up with ground and pound and then sunk in the arm triangle that put Toney to sleep and ended the fight. Couture has repeatedly said that he is only interested in taking fights as they come and evaluating the future afterward and he is still standing by that. He indicated that he may be more interested in pursuing his acting career but that he is open to hearing what the UFC comes up with for him in terms of his fighting career.

“I’ve always taken the fights one at a time,” Couture said. “We’ll just see what happens. [The UFC has] been keeping me pretty busy these past couple of months, … so I know they’ll probably throw something else at me, and we’ll go from there. I don’t know. I’m not sure what the UFC has in store for me. I’ve been working on trying to find a new movie part recently, but little success there, so we’ll just kind of wait and see.”

Couture maintained that he is dealing with his MMA career realistically; listening to his body and making sure that he is fit to engage in the kind of knock-down, drag-out battle that awaits him in the stacked UFC light heavyweight division where he currently resides.

“I just don’t know,” Couture said. “I’m trying to honestly evaluate that now and see how many wars I’ve got left in me. There’s definitely some wars in the division.”