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WEC 51: Jose Aldo Vs. Manny Gamburyan

The following is from our live coverage of WEC 51: Aldo Vs. Gamburyan. To access our full round-by-round coverage of the main card, click here.

WEC Featherweight Championship

Gamburyan is all business during his walk out. Aldo looks amped up as he makes his way to the cage to “Run This Town” by Jay-Z. Herb Dean is officiating this bout as well.

Round 1: They touch gloves and take to the center of the cage. Gamburyan wings a solid right that has Aldo on his heels. Aldo with a knee. Gamburyan countering well. Aldo with his trademark laser-like leg kick off of a jab. They are feeling each other out this round. Aldo with another leg kick. Gamburyan tries to land a heavy one-two that is blocked. The crowd starts in with the boos for some reason. Gamburyan moving well and hanging with Aldo on the feet. Aldo stumbles Gamburyan with a leg kick. Gamburyan looking to engage but he eats a right that backs him off. Aldo lands another leg kick. Gamburyan says he was poked in the eye but Dean tells him to keep fighting. Gamburyan tries for a takedown but Aldo avoids it. scores the round 10-9 for Aldo

Round 2: Manny tries for the overhand right again and follows it up with a takedown attempt that is stuffed. Aldo with a leg kick and a right hand. Aldo with a nice uppercut to the breadbasket. Aldo with a nice one-two. Aldo stumbles Gamburyan with a right uppercut and follows him to the mat, pouring it on until Manny goes limp and the ref calls it.

Jose Aldo defeated Manny Gamburyan via knockout at 1:32 of Round 2.

Aldo says that if it’s up to him his reign will last forever and after another dominant performance, it seems that it just may.