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“WEC 51: Aldo Vs. Gamburyan” Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of “WEC 51: Aldo vs. Gamburyan.

Tonight’s fight card comes to us live from the 1stBank Center in Broomfield, Colorado. You can catch the main card live on Versus at 9 PM ET.

Now, on to the action! We’ll have quick match results available for you after each preliminary fight followed by live round-by round coverage of all main card bouts by Mark Wayne of Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up to date results.


Demetrious Johnson defeated Nick Pace via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Antonio Banuelos defeated Chad George via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

Diego Nunes defeated Tyler Toner via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

Chris Horodecki defeated Ed Ratciff via split decision (28-29, 30-27, 30-27).

Mike Brown defeated Cole Province via TKO (punches) at 1:18 of Round 1.

Tiequan Zhang defeated Pablo Garza via submission (guillotine choke) at 2:26 of Round 1.


Mark Hominick vs. Leonard Garcia

Herb Dean is the referee for this one, which should be a barn burner (though Guillard-Stephens should have been too…)

Round 1: Hominick starts backing Garcia down early. Garcia tries for a high kick that is blocked. Hominick pecking away with the jab, Garcia looking to load up with kicks and big overhand punches. Garcia with a solid leg kick, then he stumbles. Hominick brings a smile to Garcia’s face with a solid jab. Garcia with a big left and another nice leg kick. Hominick with a nice double jab. Garcia whiffs a spinning back kick. Hominick lands a one-two flush. Hominick is controlling the cage but has only looked to land one kick. Garcia with a leg kick. Close round, it goes to Hominick based on control. scores the round 10-9 for Hominick

Round 2: They go right back at it at the bell. Garcia stringing together some nice punch combos. Hominick establishing his jab again. Garcia pushing forward and Hominick counters clean. Hominick starting to find his defense for the leg kick as well. Hominick bleeding from the left ear. Hominick with a nice right. Hominick still landing stiff jabs while Garcia whiffs on his big power shots. Nice counter left for Hominick. One-two for Hominick punctuated by another nice jab. Good right hook for Hominick who is still controlling the cage. Hominick with s solid straight right. Nice body shot from Garcia but he whiffs on the follow up. Good left hook by Hominick. scores the round 10-9 for Hominick

Round 3: Garcia pushes forward at the bell with punches. He goes for a high kick that is blocked. Garcia slips off of a kick. Another blocked high kick. Solid left by Hominick. Hominick looking the much fresher of the two. Hominick establishing his jab again. Nice right by Garcia. Strong double jab by Hominick. Straight right lands from Hominick. Hominick is scoring at will and blocking Garcia’s combos. Good body shot by Hominick. Hominick briefly drops Garcia with a strong left hand. Good right straight by Hominick. Hominick deftly avoiding Garcia’s combos. Hominick with yet another stiff jab. Garcia tries to turn it on at the end but Hominick keeps his jab in Garcia’s face and stifles his offensive attempts. scores the round 10-9 for Hominick

Mark Hominick defeated Leonard Garcia via split decision (scores of 29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Garcia smiles and congratulates Hominick for the win. Hominick said that the gameplan was to make Garcia pay for missing with his big right hand by hammering home his jab.

Chan Sung Jung vs. George Roop

If the crowd reaction to name announcements is any indication, “The Korean Zombie” is easily the crowd favorite here.

Round 1: They touch gloves and Jung knocks Roop off balance with a leg kick immediately. Roop with a nice right in an exchange. Jung eats a left for a leg kick. Jung with a nice right. Jung eats a leg kick. Jung with a solid uppercut. Jung already with a welt under his right eye. Jung wades in anc clinches Roop against the fence, they break as quick. Roop with a nice right. Roop has a serious reach advantage here. Nice leg kick by Jung. Jung eats a jab. Then a head kick. Jung presses Roop against the fence but Roop turns him and lands a few punches before backing up. Jung with another leg kick. Roop with a one-two. They start to trade some serious leather and Jung lands a nice body shor in the exchange. Roop with a solid combo and a leg kick. Jung with a nice jab. scores the round 10-9 for Roop

Round 2: Roop with a solid left to start. Jung with a body kick. Roop with a head kick. Jung starts to push forward, loading up on big shots. Roop backs out and lands a snapping body kick that is partially blocked. Roop lands a huge left-switch high kick that knocks Jung out cold. He’s asleep before he even hits the ground.

George Roop defeated Chan Sung Jung via knockout at 1:30 of Round 2.

Miguel Torres vs. Charlie Valencia

Round 1: Torres keeping his left hand out as a feeler, taking a low stance. Torres is backing Valencia down but nothing of notw has been landed at 3:30. Torres with a jab. Another stiff jab. Valencia with a leg kick. Torres with a leg kick. Torres looking to keep things at a measured pace. Torres pushing forward with a solid combo, landing some nasty body shots off of a stiff jab. Torres has Valencia against the cage. They trade knees and then break. Torres hits Valenica low and the ref calls time. Torres apologizes and Valencia shakes it off. They touch gloves and go back at it. Valencia with a nice low kick. Valencia showing much more adept movement now. Valencia avoiding the jav for the most part. Torres pours it on at the end and knocks Valencia down, hammering with some ground and pound. Valencia scrambles and ends the round on top. scores the round 10-9 for Torres

Round 2: Valencia tries for a head kick that is blocked. Torres keeping his left hand low and his shoulder up tight. Torres taking the center of the cage and walking Valencia down. Valencia fails on a takedown. Torres unloads and crumples Valencia to the mat. Valencia looking to hold on, they separate briefly and Torres drops Valencia again with a knee. Torres is all over Valencia on the ground, he passes guard and then takes Valencia’s back. Torres looking for the RNC, he has a body triangle locked. He sinks it and Valencia taps. Great showing for Torres.

Miguel Torres defeated Charlie Valencia via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:25 of Round 2.

Torres gives props to Firas Zahabi and the Tristar Gym for his solid performance.

Jamie Varner vs. Donald Cerrone

Varner is booed heavily on his way to the cage, the crowd clearly favors Cerrone. Herb Dean is reffing this contest. The two refuse to touch gloves.

Round 1: The two men run to the middle of the cage and start throwing down. They clinch against the cage, Varner eats a serious a big shot and slams Cerrone when tries a flying knee. Cerrone sends Varner’s mouthpiece flying across the cage. Cerrone looking like a man possessed, he barely gives Varner time to put his mouth piece back in. Cerrone backs Varner into the cage with a one-two. Varner with a one-two and Cerrone lands a trip. The crowd chants, “Varner sucks!” Cerrone slips a right hand and lands a solid double leg takedown. Varner gets back to his feet but Cerrone has him against the cage. Cerrone with a knee. Chants of “Cowboy” ring out. Varner with a nice combo. Cerrone with a jab-leg kick. Cerrone with a high kick. Cerrone drops Varner with a left hand. Varner drops for a takedown but doesn’t get it. They end the round trading serious leather. scores the round 10-9 for Cerrone

Round 2: Cerrone with jab-leg kick. Varner with a decent combination and Cerrone fires back with a jab-leg kick again. Varner with a body shot. Varner with a solid one-two. Cerrone slips a punch and lands a solid takedown. He moves to side control and then north-south. Varner gets back to his feet and Cerrone lands a body kick. Cerrone with another jab-leg kick. Cerrone ducks a left hook and lands a knee. Cerrone with an inside leg kick. Cerrone with a strong left hand that snaps Varner’s head back. Cerrone with a leg kick and takedown attempt that is stuffed. Cerrone with another jab-leg kick that knocks Varner off balance. Cerrone deftly avoids a takedown attempt by Varner. Cerrone with a punch to kick combo that lands clean. scores the round 10-9 for Cerrone

Round 3: They actually touch gloves to start the round. Cerrone avoids a combo from Varner and lands a knee. Varner bleeding from the nose. Cerrone landing kicks to the legs and body. Cerrone dives in for a takedown and tosses Varner into the fence. Varner cracks Cerrone with a right hand. And another. Cerrone lands a knee and looks unfazed from the punches. Varner looking worse for the wear but is perhaps the more fresh of the two. Cerrone lands another big takedown and lands in Varner’s guard. Cerrone landing elbows from the top and Varner is bleeding heavily. Cerrone passes to half guard and Varner looks to stand up. He gets back to his feet. Cerrone hammering Varner with kicks as Varner looks at the clock. The bell rings and they touch gloves at the end. Cerrone pushes Varner away and Varner shoves Cerrone from behind. Herb Dean steps in before it goes any farther. scores the round 10-9 for Cerrone

Donald Cerrone defeated Jamie Varner via unanimous decision (scores of 30-27 across the board)

Cerrone offers Varner the opportunity for a rubber match. Says all he wants to do is fight, regardless of any title shots. Varner gives Cerrone credit for his toughness.

Jose Aldo vs. Manny Gamburyan for the WEC Featherweight Championship

Gamburyan is all business during his walk out. Aldo looks amped up as he makes his way to the cage to “Run This Town” by Jay-Z. Herb Dean is officiating this bout as well.

Round 1: They touch gloves and take to the center of the cage. Gamburyan wings a solid right that has Aldo on his heels. Aldo with a knee. Gamburyan countering well. Aldo with his trademark laser-like leg kick off of a jab. They are feeling each other out this round. Aldo with another leg kick. Gamburyan tries to land a heavy one-two that is blocked. The crowd starts in with the boos for some reason. Gamburyan moving well and hanging with Aldo on the feet. Aldo stumbles Gamburyan with a leg kick. Gamburyan looking to engage but he eats a right that backs him off. Aldo lands another leg kick. Gamburyan says he was poked in the eye but Dean tells him to keep fighting. Gamburyan tries for a takedown but Aldo avoids it. scores the round 10-9 for Aldo

Round 2: Manny tries for the overhand right again and follows it up with a takedown attempt that is stuffed. Aldo with a leg kick and a right hand. Aldo with a nice uppercut to the breadbasket. Aldo with a nice one-two. Aldo stumbles Gamburyan with a right uppercut and follows him to the mat, pouring it on until Manny goes limp and the ref calls it.

Jose Aldo defeated Manny Gamburyan via knockout at 1:32 of Round 2.

Aldo says that if it’s up to him his reign will last forever and after another dominant performance, it seems that it just may.