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Couture’s Lawyer: “It’s A Toss-Up If Randy Will Compete Again”

In a surprising bit of news, it would appear as though the future of MMA legend Randy “The Natural” Couture’s MMA career is currently unclear and could be non-existent. Couture’s lawyer, Sam Spira, recently spoke with and revealed that Couture is unsure of whether or not he will continue to put focus on his MMA career or if he will leave the sport for good and focus on his budding Hollywood career.

“We’re sorting through things right now,” Spira said of Couture’s career.

Spira told MMAFighting that the 47-year old fighter hasn’t made his mind up either way and would still choose MMA over Hollywood given the right, compelling offer.

“It’s possible,” Spira said. “I’d say right now it’s a toss-up. If something came up that was interesting, he would fight irrespective of whether he got a meaningful Hollywood role. But there’s other stuff for him to do that’s MMA-related. I think many would be surprised at some of the things we are working on. So he doesn’t have to be actively fighting in the ring to remain active. Is it possible he may not fight again? Yeah, it’s possible. I’d say it’s a toss-up.”

Asked if Couture, who recently spoiled heavyweight boxer James Toney’s MMA debut, is still looking at making a run at the light heavyweight title; Spira revealed that, at this point, it is more about intriguing match ups for Couture than light heavyweight gold.

“I’m not sure that Randy is focused upon whether or not he has another run at the title,” Spira said. “If they said, ‘Will you fight Shogun [Rua] for the title?’ I think he would, but the title itself is not as important as the fight he’s offered.”