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Wanderlei Silva Talks Chael Sonnen Altercation

A video recently made the internet rounds depicting PRIDE legend Wanderlei Silva confronting fellow UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen during a ride in the UFC company van (which is at the end of this article). Silva called Sonnen out for comments he made in the lead up to his UFC 117 battle with Anderson Silva concerning the nature of the country of Brazil and some of its more respected MMA practitioners, namely the Nogueira brothers.

Sonnen kept his cool and opted not to fire back and insults in at the time but has since been heard publicly describing Silva as “someone who used to be a fighter.” “The Axe Murderer” appeared on TapouT Radio last night and addressed the tense conversation as well as Sonnen’s recent comments. Props to for the find.

“I sat in the car and I was looking at him, I saw him and I remembered he had been talking some things…,” Silva said of his impetus to offer Sonnen unsolicited advice.

Silva pointed out that Sonnen took his verbal jab after their borderline-altercation, telling TapouT, “he said this after I talked to him in the car. This is the kind of man that… I don’t know, he had a lot of opportunity to say that in the car, but he didn’t say anything. I don’t know what happened.”

Currently on the sidelines nursing a knee injury, Silva said that he is looking for a fight with Sonnen when he returns; but that Chris Leben is currently sitting higher on “the list” right now.

“We’re gonna look at whats gonna happens next, he stays on the list right now,” said Silva. “We’re going to have to finish it in the Octagon. I want to make my next fight with Leben and then maybe after Leben I fight with him, no problem. I’ll wait for him too.”

You can view the altercation below at around the 3:50 mark: