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Jeremy Stephens: “No Way I Lost That Fight!”

UFC 119 was a troubling card for several reasons, primarily for the poor judging and a terrible excuse for a fight in the main event. Jeremy “Lil Heathen” Stephens, who battled a surprisingly elusive Melvin Guillard over three rounds only to lose a split decision, feels he was a victim of the evening’s sadly uninformed judging. Though the fight was close and a far cry from the action-packed spectacle that was promised, Stephens felt that he did enough to clearly win the bout and took to The Underground forum to express his displeasure with the judges’ call.

“It wasn’t a good/exciting fight like I typically put up, but I always fight to win the KO and FOTN bonus, so sorry he kept running and I didn’t get an exciting fight for you all,” Stephens wrote. “I pushed forward the whole fight, dropped him a couple times, and I never got hurt or put on my back. I’m still not sure how I didn’t get the win. It sucks, but I’ll be back better then ever. I wish he came to stand in the middle and fight. Regardless, I won.”

Stephens had won two straight heading into his main card bout with Guillard, against Justin Bucholz and Sam Stout. Guillard gave Stephens trouble by moving in and out quickly and making it hard for Stephens to land his trademark power punches; however, “Lil Heathen” did manage to counter effectively and showed solid ring generalship. Stephens openly showed his frustration with Guillard’s newly-conservative style several times in the fight but was unable to goad “The Young Assassin” into the firefight that most believed the fight would turn into. Stephens drops to 17-6 with the loss and is forced to head back to the drawing board.