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Cro Cop Explains Mid-Fight Conversation, Says He’ll Be Back To Finish Out Contract

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic told media and fans after his UFC 115 win over Pat Barry that he was strongly considering hanging up his gloves. After his UFC 119 performance against Frank Mir over the weekend, “Cro Cop” made many members of the media and many fans alike wish that he did. The once-feared Croatian striker was gun-shy throughout the fight and did his best work avoiding Frank Mir’s takedown attempts. Filipovic released a video on his personal website where he detailed a bizarre, mid-fight conversation shared between himself and Mir and he also revealed that he intends to finish out the two remaining fights on his contract.

On his conversation with Mir: “I said to him first, ‘Let me go, lets start fight in middle.’ He said, ‘No I don’t want [that], lets go on the ground.’ I said, ‘Yes, I want [that] if I will be on [top of] you,’ and Mir said, ‘Ok, then we will be here [in the clinch].’

Filipovic is taking the loss very light-heartedly and may be in for a rude awakening when he speaks to UFC president Dana White, who has openly expressed his bitter feelings toards the two main eventers, about his next fight. Regardless, “Cro Cop” is looking at finishing out his UFC contract (which has two fights remaining); perhaps sometime next year.

“I think [the crowd] expected a more aggressive fight. I prepared as much as I could with all the injuries that have followed me,” Filipovic said. “Also, I was sick [in Indianapolis]. I did not want to fight aggressive until the third round but he hit me with the knee. I don’t think I was disgraced in this fight because I accepted it at the last moment. After Pat Barry I said that would be my last fight but I fought again. I need to rest and cure my injuries, I have a lot of injuries. This year of course I will not fight. I have the option for two more fights. Knowing myself, I will do both.”

You can watch the interview with Cro Cop below: