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Sean McCorkle: Dana White Doesn’t Tell Us How To Fight

UFC newcomer and MMA forum dweller Sean McCorkle made his big stage debut this past weekend against PRIDE and K-1 veteran Mark Hunt and emerged victorious against the New Zealander after securing a straight arm bar that looked to have broken Hunt’s arm. After winning, McCorkle visited the forum through which he gained infamy, The Underground, and addressed the rumor that UFC president Dana White influences the way that fighters compete. His thread is title, “Dana White isn’t telling fighters how to fight.”

“He just telling them TO fight. He gave us the same speech he’s probably given 100x now, at UFC 119 immediately after weigh ins. It was pretty much this:

“You are here to fight. People pay a lot of money to watch you fight. We pay you a lot of money to fight. So fight. If you’re a ground guy, I’m not telling you have to stand up. If you’re a stand up guy, I’m not telling you that you have to try submissions. Whatever you do, go out and fucking do it. Don’t embarrass us, and don’t embarrass yourself. If you’re a wrestler, take him down and pound him out. If you’re a jiu jitsu guy, get him on the ground and submit him (I think this was meant for me), If you’re a striker, let your hands go”

That’s not word for word, but it’s pretty close.”

McCorkle upped his pro MMA record to 10-0 with the win over Hunt and made good on his forum trolling campaign. McCorkle’s (and many other fighters’/MMA personalities’) direct contact with fans through The Underground and other MMA forums is something that is unique to the sport of mixed martial arts and insight like the kind McCorkle provides here is something that might otherwise go unknown were it not for the direct fighter-fan connection provided by forums.