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Mirko Cro Cop: “I Could Eat Myself Alive After Mir Loss”

2006 PRIDE Open Weight Grand Prix champion Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic engaged in another puzzling and gun-shy performance Saturday night when he took on former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir. The two engaged in very little offense for the majority of their three-round fight before Mir finally pulled the trigger and landed a flush knee on an incoming “Cro Cop’s” chin that dropped the former parliamentarian like a sack of bricks. Regardless of the highlight-reel finish, fans, pundits and UFC boss Dana White have all heaped the criticism on both fighters for failing to deliver anything closely resembling a fight at UFC 119. “Cro Cop” spoke with Croatian news outlet after he arrived back in Croatia (props to Fighters Only for the find) and apologized for his embarrassing loss/performance over the weekend.

“I’m sorry like a dog! I could eat myself alive! I can only congratulate Mir, he really caught me with that knee,” Filipovic said. “But taking all circumstances in to consideration I think I did a pretty decent job. Its too bad because there was only a minute left to go [when I was stopped]. I had him against the fence and that was my chance.”

Filipovic blamed his hesitancy on a desire to conserve his energy, since he took the fight on late notice.

“The deal with my coach was not to go in any hard exchanges until the third round because I thought I was not as prepared as him. But it turned out that I was more prepared than him. I felt more powerful than him in the third and I went after him aggressively. Too bad I caught that knee, but that’s what this sport is about. I want to thank everybody for their support and apologize to the ones I’ve disappointed.”

“Cro Cop” and Mir both are in hot water with fans and the UFC for their limping mess of a main event and will need to make big statements in their respective next fights to erase the memory of UFC 119.