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Bas Rutten Weighs In On Steroids In MMA

Beloved MMA legend Bas “El Guapo” Rutten recently took to his Twitter account to express his opinions on steroids in mixed martial arts in the wake of the news that number one UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs following his UFC 117 fight against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

“I am just blown away with who gets caught,” wrote Rutten. “What happened to good food, water and some supplements? That’s what I did, and I never had a problem with people being stronger or in better shape.

Listen, if you had shoulder surgery, or whatever surgery, and the doc tells you that you will heal faster, do it, but then do NOT fight! This is giving the sport a bad name, everything (MMA does) is already “frowned upon” like masturbating in an airplane.

Sorry, had to do that…was writing and thought about ‘The Hangover’. But seriously, it’s very sad, and you do NOT need (steroids). If you can’t train had anymore because you are getting up there in age, then don’t fight – very simple.

I could never look at myself in the mirror if I would have cheated – never – and don’t give me the BS excuse “but everybody is doing it”. Yeah, lots of people don’t use their freaking turn signal. That doesn’t mean that I also simply not gonna do it. I use this example because those people stress me out…just don’t care about anybody else but their selves. And that’s the same as using PED’s. Don’t care about our sport getting a bad name, ‘as long as I get better’.”

Rutten is a legend in the game, sporting an overall record of 28-4-1 and owning wins over the likes of Kevin Randleman, Frank Shamrock, and Guy Mezger. He is famed for his colorful personality and over-the-top color commentating duties for MMA broadcasts.