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Sonnen Has 30 Days To Appeal Failed Drug Test

The Los Angeles Times has managed to scrape together a few new details concerning the shocking news that top UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Sonnen was tested prior to his middleweight title shot against UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva this past August at UFC 117 and, while he passed the screening for drugs of abuse, has apparently failed the portion of the screening aimed at detecting PEDs, or performance enhancing drugs.

California State Athletic Commissioner George Dodd (the fight was held in Oakland, California) told the Times that he received written confirmation of Sonnen’s positive test this weekend and that the fighter will have up to 30 days to appeal his year-long mandated suspension and $2,500 fine. It was also revealed that Sonnen’s sample was tested at the University of California-Los Angeles Olympic drug-testing laboratory.

The Times, and many other MMA media outlets, have pointed out Sonnen’s vitriolic attack against cyclist Lance Armstrong (where he accused Armstrong of giving himself cancer via steroid usage and then profiting off of the cancer instead of owning up to his mistakes and warning people to avoid his missteps) and indicated that the over-the-top trash talker could soon be eating his own words while embroiled in his own steroid scandal.

Sonnen impressed the MMA world even in defeat for his performance against Silva at UFC 117. Sonnen dominated Silva for five rounds, enduring the champion’s trademark striking attack to secure takedown after takedown and score with unrelenting ground and pound. Silva held onto his belt through a broken rib by securing a triangle choke submission late in the fifth that forced Sonnen to tap. Sonnen’s performance and reputation will be forever tarnished unless he is able to clear his name.