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Chael Sonnen Fails UFC 117 Drug Test

According to California State Athletic Commission Executive Officer George Dodd, Chael Sonnen has been informed that he failed a post-fight drug screening that took place after his UFC 117 loss to Anderson Silva.

Dodd noted that all fighters from UFC 117 had passed drugs-of-abuse scans, but that they had been waiting on the final performance-enhancing drug screens from that event. Dodd stated that Sonnen had failed the test due to having traces of a banned performance enhancing substance in his system.

If found guilty, Sonnen’s proposed rematch with Silva in February would likely be off as he would face a yearlong suspension. Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, told MMAFighting that he has yet to hear from the UFC of any changes to the fight.

“I’m going to consider the fight being a fight until told otherwise,” Soares said. “If it is a mishap, I hope this whole thing gets straightened out.”

Despite all the trash talk that Sonnen had leveled at Silva and Soares, Soares says that he feels bad for Sonnen.

“If it’s true, I feel really bad for him,” he said. “I know he did it to himself but it is really sad, he put on such a great performance that night. It is just a shame it will be tarnished.”