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Chael Sonnen Takes Aim At GSP, Brock Lesnar

During Chael Sonnen’s recent fan Q&A session in which he is rumored to have used plants in the audience to illicit rehearsed responses, the over-the-top Oregonian expectedly bashed Anderson Silva but also took aim at two of the UFC’s other champions: Brock Lesnar and Georges St. Pierre. recorded the highlights of the session where Sonnen practiced his budding stand up comedy routine.

“Well, GSP would be on his back,” Sonnen said when asked what would happen if he fought the UFC Welterweight Champion. “He would take me down a total of zero fights and I would take him down every time I wanted to. … Now, he’s got other ways to win that fight, it’s not just a matter of who gets a takedown but I’m not laying under GSP, no chance.”

On a lengthier diatribe, Sonnen called out GSP for what he perceives to be an effeminate accent and for the political beliefs of his home country.

“If GSP said he wanted to fight me, the first thing I would say is the same thing I say every time I hear GSP talk, ‘Galdangit, that guy sounds like a French-Canadian Minnie Mouse.’ That’s the first thing I’d say,” quipped Sonnen. “Then I’d say, ‘Hey GSP, let me ask you a serious question. Do you have a designated driver? Do you have somebody to get you home safely? ‘Cause clearly you’re intoxicated.’ I’d say, ‘GSP, do you have a hankering for pain? GSP, did you lose a bet with god? GSP, bring your $3,000 suit, bring your $3 date and get the 3 cent tan beat off your socialist back.’ That’s what I would tell GSP.”

Calling out GSP makes some kind of sense, at least in promotional terms, since the welterweight kingpin has mentioned several times that he is considering moving up to 185lbs; Sonnen’s trash talk could act as groundwork for an eventual match up between the two (especially if Sonnen captures Silva’s belt this Winter). What makes less sense is Sonnen aiming at the promotion’s heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

“If Brock Lesnar was here right now, I’d take my boot off and throw it at him and he better polish it up before he brings it back to me,” said Sonnen. “That guy comes here talking about he’s the baddest guy in the UFC? Hey Brock, quit eating so many raw eggs and doing push ups because it’s affecting your realm on reality. Are you kidding me? I’d slap you in your face and you wouldn’t do anything about it Brock. ‘But I’m Brock Lesnar, I’ve got this five dollar haircut and a knife tattooed on my chest.’ Well, I’ll shove it up through your face if you get in Chael Sonnen’s way.”

Looks like Sonnen has not decided to alter the ways in which he promotes fights, or behaves in general. Which is all well and good; love him or hate him, you’re probably paying attention to what he’s saying and, like fellow antagonist Josh Koscheck pointed out recently, the sport needs guys like them.