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Anderson Silva No Longer Looking At Competing As A Heavyweight

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, one of the world’s best mixed martial artists, has expressed interest in the past in competing in different weight classes; even expressing interest in fighting as high as heavyweight. “The Spider” has already competed at light heavyweight twice, absolutely dominating both of his opponents in those forays. According to, Silva has backpedaled recently, at least when it comes to fighting at heavyweight.

“Every fighter wants to be challenged. But its something that has to be considered carefully with my doctor and my conditioning coaches and my trainers because it’s a different weight altogether,” said Silva. “Even though I train with Big Nog, who is heavy, with Rafael Feijao, with people who are heavier than me – its one thing to train with heavyweights, its another thing to fight them.“

Perhaps owing to his recent beating at the hands of top middleweight contender Chael Sonnen (Silva survived for four and a half rounds of bruising before rallying with a last-second submission win), “The Spider” says that it would be arrogant on his part to start challenging heavyweights and that he plans to let things unfurl as they may in regards to fighting up in weight.

“So it would be pretentious of me saying I want to fight a heavyweight or something, lets let it happen naturally,” he said. “Things have been the way they are since the beginning of my career so why change it now?”

As far as his come-from-behind UFC 117 victory over Sonnen, Silva claims that he is glad that the world got to see him for what he is: a human.

“People who watched the fight with Sonnen had the opportunity to see that I’m a regular guy, I bleed, I’m not unbeatable,” said Silva. “Anderson Silva is a regular guy like any other, he makes mistakes. Every day that goes by, I try to improve myself and search for something that may be impossible – perfection… [The issue of] ‘best in the world’ is complicated, I don’t even think it exists.”