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Georges St. Pierre Wants To Thank Josh Koscheck For Motivating Him

Dominant UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre always carries with him a respectful and kind demeanor, which possibly makes him a target for the trash talk that is often levied against him by his opponents. He is currently scheduled to take on Josh Koscheck at the conclusion of the airing of the next season of The Ultimate Fighter where both he and Koscheck serve as opposing coaches, and Koscheck like so many others has decided to take the same abrasive approach to dealing with St. Pierre. During a recent conference call to promote the Wednesday premiere of “TUF,” St. Pierre and Koscheck went back and forth (with Koscheck doing the majority of the insulting) and “Rush” played it cool as ever, despite admitting that Koscheck will soon get under his skin.

“He’s definitely going to get in my head, which is a good thing for me,” St. Pierre said. “If you look at all the guys that I fought in the past who have been very arrogant with me, I did very well. They got in my head and gave me more motivation to train hard. When the time to fight has come, I will have done my homework, I guarantee.”

Koscheck has accused St. Pierre of being everything from boring to afraid to stand and exchange and St. Pierre countered by thanking Koscheck for bringing extra motivation to the table for him.

“Koscheck is very good at keeping me motivated with everything he’s saying about me,” said the French-Canadian. “He’s very good at it. I should say thanks to him for keeping me very motivated.”

Ever the gentleman, St. Pierre even stuck up for Koscheck when their dynamic was described as being one between the “good guy” and the “bad guy.”

“I don’t think Josh Koscheck is a bad person,” said St. Pierre. “His character when he fights, he likes to promote, provoke and make it more exciting. That’s what he does. I don’t think he’s a bad guy. It’s just an expression, bad guy vs. good guy.”

St. Pierre and Koscheck are tentatively scheduled to square off in dispute of the championship this December 11th in St. Pierre’s backyard of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, once their season of “TUF” has concluded. In the meantime, MMA fans will likely be treated with plenty of Koscheck’s trash talk and a healthy dose of St. Pierre’s practiced humility.