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Donald Cerrone Wishes Death On Jamie Varner, Apologizes Later

WEC lightweight fighter Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone makes up one side of one of MMA’s most vitriolic feuds, his counterpart being fellow 155’er Jamie Varner. Varner and Cerrone have beef dating back to a January, 2009 fight between the two that ended in a split technical draw. The two have traded venomous insults back and forth since that bout and will be meeting later this month at WEC 51 to release their mutual hatred in the cage. As is often the case when fighters get emotional, Cerrone probably went a little too far in a recent interview with TapouT Radio when he pulled a Frank Mir and wished death upon his opponent. Props to for the transcription.

Cerrone literally had paragraphs to spew about how much he dislikes Jamie Varner as a person (he did give him props for being a champion fighter) but the below quote pretty much sums up his general feeling for Varner.

“This is real, this isn’t like the WEC trying to get us to you know to amp it up, which I’m not,” Cerrone said of his feud with Varner. “He’s really a f*g. I mean, that’s what he is, you know, and his true colors will show up. You can’t hide your colors, man. They’re going to turn up and everyone’s going to see. He’s going to call timeout or he’s going to look for a way out, he’s got the b***h gene, man, and when you have a b***h gene it don’t matter what you do you can’t fight and you’re either born with it and that’s who you are as a person and you can’t fix that, you know, and it’s going to come out.”

Things took a dark(er) turn when Cerrone was asked if he would bring his strong emotions with him into the cage; a question to which he responded emphatically.

“I hope my emotions have all to do, yeah, I hope my emotions have everything to do with this fight,” said “Cowboy.” “I hope they come out and I’m just f***ing fired up and all I want to do is go out there and kill him and that’s what going to get me going that first round, you know, I want to come in that first round and just rip his face off, you know that’s the plan. I don’t want to come in and sit back and let him dictate it, I hope my emotions drive me. I fight better on emotion, ask Leonard, he trains me every day. When I’m hot and some new guy comes in the gym and wants to throw down, that’s when I do my best, you know. So, I hope my emotions take over and I just kill this dude. I hope this is the first death in MMA.”

Apparently looking to follow in Frank Mir’s at times questionable footsteps, Cerrone issued this apology via Twitter some hours after the interview.

“TapouTWorldWide I don’t really wish death on anyone!! Just got caught up in talking s***! My apologies @jamievarner! Took it to far,” Cerrone posted.

The reality of the matter is that Cerrone likely was just caught up in the moment and let his emotions get the best of him; he most likely does not have actual intentions of killing Jamie Varner. However, seeing that MMA is still being rallied against for perceivably being too violent and for being akin to dog fighting by some is reason enough to censor oneself from making comments like that.