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Shane Mosley Among Boxers Interested In MMA

According to, “Sugar” Shane Mosley recently indicated in a live chat with fans on FanHouse that he, like James Toney and Manny Pacquiao, is a boxer that is intrigued by the sport of mixed martial arts and has considered giving it a try. Unlike Toney, however, Mosley understands the amount of training and dedication it would take to crossover to the multi-faceted sport of MMA.

“I was thinking about trying it, but they have the advantage in the wrestling and takedowns,” Mosley said. “They’re totally different sports. I’ve definitely thought about it. If a boxer doesn’t have training in mixed martial arts, fighting on the ground, they’re not going to win. You have to do more than throw a punch.”

Ring Magazine’s number five pound-for-pound boxer in the world, Mosley is a decorated veteran of the sweet science and has held championship belts in three different weight classes. The California native revealed to MMAFighting’s Michael David Smith that he not only respects the sport of MMA in general but also the promotional tactics employed by the UFC, an organization which he roundly supports.

“I think the UFC is great, there are great fights coming up there,” Mosley said. “I support it. I like Rampage Jackson a lot because I know him and I’ve admired Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture.”

Whether or not MMA fans will ever see Manny Pacquiao or Mosley trying their luck in the cage remains to be seen and is honestly a pretty unlikely prospect. The fact that some of the boxing world’s top fighters have come out in support of, or at least have been showing interest in, the sport of MMA is indicative of how much the sport has grown and also its crossover appeal; both things a positive for mixed martial arts.