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Nate Marquardt Weighs In On The Usage Of Wrestling In MMA

Former middleweight King of Pancrase Nate “The Great” Marquardt recently threw his hat into the debating ring; revealing to his thoughts on the recent rash of fighters who have been openly lambasting those mixed martial artists that use a wrestling-heavy approach to fighting.

Athletes like Paul Daley, Dan Hardy, Shinya Aoki and several more have recently been quoted in the media as heavily criticizing fighters who use wrestling to control opponents without consistently searching for the finish. Marquardt, one of the more well-rounded fighters in the game, told Low Kick that he believes it is the fighter’s responsibility to learn how to counter dominant wrestlers and those that cannot have no room to complain about taking losses to grapplers with stifling control.

“I think it’s a wrong mentality,” Marquardt said of fighters calling for rule changes to counter wrestling. “You know, when I started in Mixed Martial Arts, when I first started watching it, the Jiu-Jitsu guys were beating everyone. So anyone who had a good Jiu-Jitsu would be able to take them down, to submit them or punch them on the ground and win the fight. From there, it went to guys who can stop the takedown, and get a knockout. Fighters like Chuck Liddell. Fighters like him were dominating the sport. So lately the wrestlers brought it back a little. I think it’s the thing in Mixed Martial Arts, that sometimes the grapplers or the wrestlers are going to have an advantage, and sometimes it’s the strikers. The way to keep yourself on the top of the game, is to be well-rounded. Not to neglect any part of your game. If you have a problem with guys taking you down, you have to defend the takedown and learn how to wrestle.”

Marquardt will soon be facing a dangerous grappler himself, albeit one with more experience in Jiu-jitsu than wrestling. The Greg Jackson protege will be taking on dangerous Brazilian submission artist Rousimar Palhares this Wednesday night in the headlining bout of UFC Fight Night 22. Marquardt will be looking to bounce back from a February loss to number one contender Chael Sonnen.