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Shinya Aoki Not A Big Fan Of Wrestlling

It appears you can add Dream lightweight champ Shinya Aoki to the ever expanding list of peeps growing tired of watching superior wrestlers take over mixed martial arts matches. The submission specialist claims USA MMA is slowly milking all the fun out of the world’s fastest growing sport, one boring unanimous decision at a time.

“The American wrestling style – punching a little bit, getting a takedown and moving to side control to win the round has no risk,” Aoki told “It’s an easier fight. It’s just using the judges. They don’t even have to worry about injuries or anything like that. There is no risk.

“Japanese MMA is totally different. We go for knockouts and submissions from the beginning and going for the decision isn’t an option.

“I am a big fan of aggressive fighters like BJ Penn, Joe Stevenson, Kenny Florian, Melvin Guillard and Nate Diaz … Everyone else is just wrestling and it’s not interesting at all,” Aoki said.