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Keith Jardine Discusses Tough Loss To Trevor Prangley

Former UFC light heavyweight contender Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardine took home his fifth loss in a row in his first fight since being released by the UFC this June. A disappointed Jardine spoke with’s Loretta Hunt following the bout to offer his thoughts on what went wrong.

Jardine was hurt early by Prangley, who knocked the Greg Jackson pupil down and followed him to the mat with some serious ground and pound. Jardine staved off the attack with an arm bar and knee bar attempt but was unable to clinch the submissions. The second round also saw Jardine stuttering as his only answer to getting knocked down again was to fire back with solid leg kicks. The third frame finally swung in Jardine’s favor and he looked to be on his way to finishing Prangley before the bell rang. Jardine credited a migraine with his slow start and showed some resentment for the scoring of the bout.

“I just had a pretty slow start actually,” Jardine explained. “You know, I never make excuses for my fights but coming up before this fight I had the worst migraine in the world. It took me actually two rounds to get through that. Everything he was touching me with hurt. I was in a bad situation in there. I gritted it out, in the third round my head kind of cleared up and things worked out well in that round but I guess not well enough to win the fight.”

Jardine was asked if the early knockdown surprised him or set the tone of the fight and “The Dean of Mean” revealed that he believes it did not. He felt that his follow up submission attempts were also overlooked by the judges.

“Not really. Slightly off balance and slightly what he did, a combination of both,” Jardine said of the first knockdown. ‘It didn’t really stun me that bad and I thought I followed up with a couple of good submission attempts but I guess those don’t get scored that well.”

At 0-5 in his last five and 2-7 in his last nine, Jardine is looking at a serious uphill climb to get back to the stature that he once held in the light heavyweight division. Though his losses have come mostly against top-flight competition, five in a row is still five in a row. As far as where he goes from here, the best answer that Jardine can currently provide is that he’ll just keep fighting.

“I really don’t know,” Jardine said of his future plans. “I’m just gonna keep fighting and see what happens. I don’t know. We’ll see, I don’t really have the answers for that right now.”