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Paul Daley On Win Over Jorge Masvidal At “Shark Fights 13″

Paul “Semtex” Daley earned his second win since getting the axe from the UFC following the infamous post-fight sucker punch he threw at Josh Koscheck following their May, UFC 113 meeting last night at Shark Fights 13. Daley defeated Masvidal over three rounds to earn a hard-fought unanimous decision win. picked up Daley’s comments on the bout from the event’s post-fight press conference.

Daley has been one of several fighters openly railing against dominant wrestlers using their abilities to stall their way to victory in MMA. That is why it came as a surprise to some that “Semtex” may have cinched the fight by scoring a takedown of his own later in the third round.

“Yeah, it was little bit (ironic),” Daley said. “But I have some takedowns. I have good coaches. Kenny Johnson, he works with a bunch of high-level guys. I have a few. I know people don’t expect me to take them down, so I thought it was a real close fight. I thought I’d close the distance and try something. It worked out, so that’s cool.”

Daley knew going into the third round that he was likely tied with the game Masvidal on the scorecards and that he needed to do whatever he could to earn the victory in the third frame.

“I thought I got the first, and he got the second, and my corner thought the same thing,” said Daley. “They sat me down, and they said, ‘Look, you’ve got to go in this round. It’s 1-1. You’ve got to push the pace.’ I think that’s what I did, and I think that’s why I won the fight.”

Masvidal, normally a lightweight, took the fight to Daley by scoring with takedowns and avoiding any real damage delivered by Daley’s vaunted striking game. “Semtex” gave props to Masvidal for being as tough as he was and admitted that he may have underestimated his opponent heading into the bout.

“He’s a tough guy,” said Daley. “Me and my team knew he was a tough guy. He’s got a lot of experience and comes from a great team. I just want to thank him for stepping up and taking the fight and making it a fight. Maybe I entered the fight thinking no [155-pounder] was going to be able to take my punches, but he took them. He put on a good fight. He had a great gameplan, and he made me work for the win. It was a close fight.”

The Team Rough House member recently expressed excitement and interest in a prospective bout with Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nick Diaz, further reinforcing rumors that Daley will likely be heading to the Strikeforce promotion sometime in the near future. Those plans may be on hold however, as Daley revealed that he would be open to fighting again for Shark Fights provided he earn a bit more and possibly have the chance to fight for a championship belt.

“Hopefully I’ll come back here and fight again,” Daley said. “Maybe there will be a belt involved. Maybe some more money.”