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Joe Rogan, Mark Cuban Comment On New York Assemblyman Bob Reilly’s Tirade Against MMA

In a preview for this evening’s episode of Inside MMA on HDNet, the show’s 3rd Anniversary episode, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan and HDNet owner Mark Cuban both appear on the panel (alongside Jason “Mayhem” Miller) and respond to a recent nonsensical rant against MMA issued by New York Assemblyman Bob Reilly.

“Wait! Let’s have dogfighting and make money. We could make money off of dogfighting,” said Reilly in his most recent anti-MMA rant. “We might make more money off of dogfighting than we could make out of human fighting. We certainly could make money off of prostitution as they do in Nevada. We don’t want prostitution here and we don’t want dogfighting here and we don’t want Ultimate Fighting here.”

The video is played to obvious disgust from Rogan and Cuban who both offered rebuttals.

“That is the dumbest argument,” said Rogan. “Dogfighting and prostitution?”

The comedian and Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt (under the 10th Planet System and Jean Jacques Machado) declared that Reilly’s attempts to stifle MMA are tyrannical and against the country he is supposed to be serving.

“It’s an organized sport. There’s unified rules, we all accept them,” said Rogan. “There’s never been a single death in the UFC. There’s very stringent medical check ups. This is a stupid argument. That guy’s anti-American. Anyone who wants to keep you from doing what you want to do, that’s anti-personal freedom. That’s f****** disgusting.”

Cuban spoke from a position of personal experience in dealing with Reilly

“Let me tell you how full of shit this guy is. He’s emailed me a bunch of times and he says, ‘Mark, I’m shocked that you support MMA.,'” Cuban said. “I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me? I’m a big fan.’ He’s like, ‘It must be just about the money.’ I’m like, ‘Look, I’m not gonna lie, it’s good for my business, but have you watched it? Do you understand it at all?’ He’s like, ‘Let me tell you what I really don’t like…’ It wasn’t all the money shit that he was talking about. He was like, ‘It promotes violence and kids are gonna watch this and go out and beat the hell out of each other and it’s gonna increase violence.”

Cuban claimed that he offered up the idea of mandating a percentage of the gate of all MMA events held in New York to go to charities promoting an end to street violence and education on proper discipline through martial arts training and that Reilly was unresponsive.

As long as MMA exists it will likely have its detractors. Though Reilly’s personal agenda is currently hindering the sport’s expansion it seems inevitable that the sport will eventually find its way into New York and across the globe.