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Paul Daley Unhappy With The Method Of His UFC Dismissal

Paul “Semtex” Daley added another complaint to his growing list of general MMA gripes this week, this one focusing on the way in which he was released by the UFC. Daley recently appeared on MMAWeekly Radio and explained why he is unhappy not necessarily with his dismissal, but with the way it was carried out.

“[Knowing] Dana White’s character, I would have expected nothing less than getting kicked out of the UFC,” said Daley. “He could have done it a little more gracefully and told me personally. To this day I’ve still never heard nothing from Dana. With all the talk Dana gives and the attitude of being a big man that he is, he could have at least came to my face and said ‘Paul, I don’t respect what you did, I think you’re an (expletive) or a jerk or whatever, you’re not going to fight here again.”

Daley was cut from the UFC after throwing a very late punch at opponent Josh Koscheck after the final bell of their May UFC 113 fight. White cut Daley immediately, declaring to members of the media in attendance at the post-fight presser that come hell or high water, Daley would never step foot in the Octagon again. “Semtex” may understand his dismissal, but he feels as though he did enough for the company during his short tenure there to warrant a more ceremonious ejection.

“Still to this day, I’ve had no phone call, no e-mail, no nothing, so that just goes to show the treatment I received having fought [Martin] Kampmann at late notice, and fought co-main event on my second fight in the UFC, and done a bunch of media work for them in the U.K.,” Daley said. “There’s some things I don’t agree with, but I’m happy to move on. The UFC is the UFC. It’s like a secret society type club, there’s a lot of favoritism going on and all kinds of [expletive].”

Daley also spoke out this week against wrestlers in MMA who use their talents to stifle rather than finish their opponents; his annoyance for the matter possibly drawing from his bout with Koscheck, which saw him dominated but not quite damaged over three rounds of wrestling control by Koscheck. Daley competes tomorrow night at Shark Fights 13 against “Gamebred” Jorge Masvidal.