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Yvels Lavigne Talks About Fictitious Interview Regarding Josh Koscheck

Getting lost in translation is one thing, but referee Yves Lavigne claims his interview with French-Canadian website is completely fictitious. You know, the one where he suggests Josh Koscheck was “scared” to engage in a shootout with slugger Paul Daley at UFC 113.

“I did not give him an interview on or off record,” Lavigne told The MMA Hour on Monday. “Those are not my quotes. This is not me. Is that enough?

“I can bring him to court. I’ve got different options … You know, with lawyers, there’s a dollar sign attached to it. If you go that way, it might cost you that much or that much or that much. I’m in a process of evaluating everything and to see if I have the financial back-up to go all the way.”

The ref found himself in the center of a storm last week when the media outlet maliciously (allegedly) posted the article to attract hits, while further damaging his controversial reputation in the process.

“All I know, I’m in the middle of this. I spoke with my lawyers, and apparently [the quotes] are down, or they’re not on the internet anymore. But the damage has been done,” Lavigne said.

While he claims to have never spoken to Morin, he instantly noticed that his English wasn’t up to par when reviewing past interviews he has given.

“I just read a few things on the internet, and I’m like, okay, maybe I should say differently,” Lavigne added. “My English is not as good as I want to. I don’t see all the nuance or subtlety of the word. So look, I didn’t do it, basically.”