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Dana White Comments On Shane Carwin’s Implication In Steroid Conspiracy

Former number one UFC heavyweight contender Shane Carwin was recently indicated as one of several pro-athletes who acquired illegal anabolic steroids from the currently-under-investigation Applied Pharmacy Services. Carwin was named on a list of twenty-two professional athletes during the sentencing of APS supervising pharmacist J. Michael Bennett earlier this August. The fighter has been told to remain mum on the subject and has only issued brief statements, mainly in appreciation of fan support. However, UFC President Dana White recently spoke with The Fight Fix about Carwin’s implication in the steroid scandal, defending the fighter but indicating that he would have to wait for more details to emerge before making any decisions regarding the matter.

“What everybody doesn’t understand is, boxing and mixed martial arts are regulated by the government,” said White. “We’re the only sports that are regulated by the government. Meaning that when the drug testing is done, the government drug tests them. The government oversees all the medicals and everything else. First of all, he’s never tested positive for anything after being tested by the government. He popped up on a Balco-type list. He popped up on a list with all these guys that supposedly were getting [steroids] from these doctors years ago. I have to find out what all the facts are first, see what happens and then we’ll decide what we’re gonna do.”

Carwin recently challenged Brock Lesnar for the UFC Heavyweight Championship and after absolutely dominating the first round and cowering Lesnar with non-stop strikes, the engineer lost the ability to mount any offense in the second frame due to lactic acidosis and was submitted by the champion in a stunning come-from-behind win. That fight took place at UFC 116 this past July and was the last time that Carwin has appeared in action.