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Roger Huerta Talks Street Fight, Says He Has No Regrets

Former UFC lightweight fighter and current Bellator contender Roger “El Matador” Huerta attracted a lot of attention his way recently because of a fight he engaged in outside of the cage. A video was released by celebrity gossip site depicting a large man (likely former Texas Longhorns football player Rashad Bobino) assaulting a woman, leaving her laying in the street and then Huerta confronting the man; a confrontation that eventually ends with the man sprawled out on the street much like his victim. Huerta made an appearance on TMZ recently to discuss what he could of the fight and said that he would do the same thing again.

“It’s around 2:15, maybe 2:30,” said Huerta. “We’re walking out of this night club and we just see a lot of people running toward the left of the club. … By the time we get out there, a fight had broken down. These guys are getting beat up and other guys are–it was just a big fight. None of us were in it. … What I ended up seeing was this big, large man come and knock out this chick. At the time, I just see somebody get knocked out. At that point, I had to do a double take. ‘Am I seeing what I’m really seeing?’ And sure enough it was a girl. At that point, you saw what happened.”

Huerta claimed that when the video pans off of them, that the man began throwing punches at him; “2 or 3″ by Huerta’s claim. From there, Huerta chased the man down and the next thing the video showed was the man laid out on the street, out cold. Huerta said he was looking to restrain the man for the police but that things got out of hand. “El Matador” couldn’t go into detail about what he did to the larger man, saying, “To be honest I can’t disclose that right now,” and citing his attorney’s advice as the reason.

Huerta has been commended by most everyone who has seen the video, including his former boss UFC President Dana White, and though he was obviously embarrassed by the spectacle Huerta told TMZ that he would react the same were he presented the situation again.

“If the same thing occurred I would probably do the same thing again. Because he hit a girl,” Huerta said.

Huerta is currently scheduled to take on Bellator Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez this coming October at Bellator 33.