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Chael Sonnen Isn’t The Only One That Wanted Rematch

Now that the dust has settled and an immediate mulligan is being arranged, it appears UFC middleweight top contender Chael Sonnen isn’t the only one that’s been screaming all the livelong day for a rematch.

“Anderson Silva is taking care of himself in order to be 100 percent recovered from this injury,” Josuel Distak, Silva’s trainer, told “I think he’s coming back to Brazil to train with the team and, for sure, now you’ll see Anderson at his best. It’s not just [Sonnen], but Anderson also wants this rematch to happen.”

Following his miraculous come-from-behind victory at UFC 117, the champ revealed he had severely injured his ribs just six days before showtime. At the post-fighter press conference, Sonnen didn’t doubt the injury because he admitted it was easier to put Silva on his back than he had anticipated. Although, knowing MMA’s baddest smack talker, that very well could have been a backhanded dis.

“Sonnen was 100 percent and showed what he’s got,” Distak added. “Now it’s the time for him to see Anderson from the right angle. I want to see how it’ll be like this time.”