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Alistair Overeem Breaks Down Strikeforce Heavyweight Title Picture

The Strikeforce heavyweight division is currently a bit of a mess, with the clear number one contender out with an injury, the champion looking to spend the Autumn fighting in K-1 and the rest of the heavyweight contenders arguing over their spot in the division and over who should get the next title shot. The champion himself, Dutch fighter Alistair Overeem, recently spoke with and gave his breakdown of Strikeforce’s heavyweight division and offered a clear picture of each contender’s status.

“Number two is clearly [Fabricio] Werdum because of his win over Fedor [Emelianenko] and Antonio Silva,” Overeem said. “Fedor losing means he’s number 3 and Antonio Silva, who came back from a loss against Werdum by defeating Arlovski is clearly the number 4. So in that case, Fedor should fight Antonio Silva and the winner of that fight should fight against the winner of a bout between myself and Werdum. It’s just that simple — it’s not rocket science.”

Overeem’s breakdown makes quite a bit of sense but that does not mean that it will determine the next title challenger. Brett Rogers was awarded a title shot after coming off of a loss to Emelianenko due basically to timing issues. Considering that Strikeforce is dealing with similar timing issues now with Werdum out of action until next year due to elbow surgery, it would not be terribly surprising to see Emelianenko or Silva pitted against Overeem before Werdum’s return. However, the champion has mentioned that he is planning on competing in the upcoming K-1 World Grand Prix and defending his belt against Werdum when the Brazilian returns; most likely killing any chance of his next title defense coming against anyone other than Werdum. The kicker now is getting Emelianenko to face Silva to determine the next contender, as the enigmatic Russian fighter recently revealed his desire to face Overeem next.