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An Aggravated James Toney Discusses Randy Couture, Lack Of Support From Boxing World

Brash heavyweight boxer James “Lights Out” Toney is set to make his MMA debut this Saturday night against UFC Hall of Famer Randy “The Natural” Couture at UFC 118. Toney took some time at the pre-fight workouts today to speak to’s Ariel Helwani and seemed particularly agitated as he discussed his opponent and the lack of support he has received from his peers in the boxing world.

Helwani asked Toney if he was anxious to get his fight with Couture over with and “Lights Out” bristled, responding with a tirade aimed at Couture and those who are not giving him the respect he feels he deserves.

“I’m anxious. I wish we could it right now, but you know, I gotta wait — be professional about it,” said Toney. “Everybody keep sayin, ‘MMA…what you gonna do?…wrestle this. Randy’s the guy. Randy’s this. Randy’s that. Man, f*** Randy. James Toney. James Toney. My conditioning is way more than his. Gimme respect. If you won’t respect me, I’m gonna take it.”

Many of Toney’s peers in the boxing world have released statements doubting Toney’s chances in MMA; Toney was asked if the lack of support shown to him by his peers bothered him at all and he responded with another rant.

“I’m a soldier, man. I roll by myself every time,” he said. “It don’t matter to me. These guys are clowns. David Gay. He’s pretending to be a fighter and Bernard Hopkins, man, you need to go get your teeth fixed. I’ll lend you one of these damn diamonds so you can replace that s*** in your motherf****** mouth. I’m not worried about them dudes. They can come fight me. Come see me. If you got a problem with me, come and see me. Like I tell everybody else, ‘If you got a problem with James Toney, all you gotta do is come see me.’ I ain’t got a problem with knockin’ nobody out. I don’t care when or where as long as you pay me.”

Toney would go on to forcefully pry the microphone out of Helwani’s hand after calling him a clown to issue his own sign off.

The ornery pugilist will be taking on Couture in the co-main event of UFC 118: Edgar vs. Penn II which is going down this Saturday night at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.