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Jason “Mayhem” Miller: Nick Diaz Is Scared To Fight Me

Ever since the Strikeforce: Nashville post-fight brawl on CBS between Jason “Mayhem” Miller and the Cesar Gracie camp (Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez, Nick and Nate Diaz), tensions have run high between Miller and fellow Strikeforce fighter Nick Diaz. Miller has recently taken to baiting Diaz at just about every given opportunity and recently told’s Ariel Helwani that he believes Diaz is afraid to meet him in the cage.

“I just want to let it be known that, dude, I’m not scared,” “Mayhem” said, while wearing a t-shirt which read “Don’t Be Scared Homie” (a message to Diaz in reference to comments that the Stockton native made to KJ Noons). “I’m ready to go. I’m ready to go anytime. Let’s do it, let’s make it happen. But obviously, for some reason, the fight’s not happening. I don’t have a contract in front of me. And everybody wants to see the fight. I’m ready to do the fight.”

“Mayhem” promised, should a fight between himself and Diaz materialize, that he “will whip [Diaz’s] ass and make him look bad doing it.” Miller also wanted the MMA community to know that if the fight doesn’t happen, it is not for lack of trying on his part.

“If the fight doesn’t happen we know why because I ain’t no b****,” said MTV’s Bully Beatdown host.

Miller promised that a fight between himself and Diaz would deliver fireworks during the pre-fight hype and in the cage, praising Diaz’s skills as a fighter but questioning his courage in the process.

“I respect him as a fighter but as a person he is running scared,” insisted Miller.

Diaz recently issued a video to Miller via YouTube in which the Cesar Gracie fighter questioned “Mayhem’s” motivation to fight a smaller man (Diaz is the Strikeforce Welterweight Champion while Miller competes at middleweight). Miller called Diaz out on the basis that he has fought near middleweight as recently as one year ago.

“The whole 170 thing, he made that up,” Miller said. “He fought Frank Shamrock at 183, he fought Scott Smith at 182, all of a sudden when he has to fight ‘Mayhem’ he’s a 170 pounder. Oh, ok very convenient…”

Diaz has been confirmed as a likely participant in an upcoming October 9th Strikeforce event and his opponent has yet to be announced. Should his camp and Miller’s agree to a catchweight bout, MMA fans could be in for an electrifying grudge match that would be sure to rival “Rampage” vs. Rashad or Silva vs. Sonnen.