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Chad Griggs Discusses Big Win Over Bobby Lashley

Relative unknown Chad Griggs was put in the cage against former World Wrestling Entertainment star Bobby Lashley last night at Strikeforce: Houston presumably as cannon fodder for Lashley. Griggs apparently did not get the memo that he was supposed to lose to Lashley and defeated the hulking fighter via referee stoppage at the end of the second round.

Lashley dominated early with a constant wrestling attack but somewhere in the first round Griggs opened up a deep gash under Lashley’s left eye that seemed to have the bigger man flustered. Lashley scored again in the second round and had the mount position (though his attack was dwindling) before having the action stopped to take a look at his eye. The ref restarted the action on the feet (considered a controversial decision by many) and Griggs pounded on an exhausted Lashley to end the seccond round. Lashley was unable to continue for the third round and the bout was called off. Lashley would exit the cage on his feet but would leave the arena on a stretcher.

Griggs discussed his big win and said that he agreed with the referee’s decision to stop the fight.

“This is a dream come true fighting for Strikeforce,” Griggs said. “I got offered a big fight right off the bat and I’m super pumped I got the win. I know he was bleeding all over me. I think he was tired and he was hurt already. I think it was a good call to end it.”

Griggs believed that Lashley was met with adversity for the first time in his career in this bout and wilted under the strain.

“I felt him starting to fade a little bit at the end of the first round,” said Griggs. “I could hear him breathing really hard and could feel him using a lot of muscle to land punches. I was comfortable because he wasn’t really catching me and he was using a lot of energy. I don’t think that he’s really been hit before or been tested. I could see it in his eyes that the fight was changing. He was still hustling, but I think he was losing some heart in there.”

Chad “The Grave Digger” Griggs improves to 9-1 as a pro and is currently riding a four-fight winning streak. Lashley falls to 5-1 with his first professional loss.