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Tim Kennedy “Frustrated” With Judges’ Decision

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza and Tim Kennedy battled it out for five rounds last night to contest for the vacant Strikeforce Middleweight Championship. The fight was a close one that took place almost entirely on the feet and it would be renowned grappler “Jacare” Souza who would emerge victorious with the judges’ decision.

Souza, who scored with counter-combos and cut Kennedy deeply under his left eye, said that he agrees with the judges’ verdict and also that he felt his strikes connecting with power during the fight.

“I felt through the fight that he felt my hand,” said “Jacare”. “I was landing some big punches and I thought I was winning the fight. I was ready to fight everywhere in the cage, but I was surprised how strong he was. He was strong, but I was the one connecting and landing the damaging punches.”

An army special forces sniper, Tim Kennedy was displeased with the judges’ call and would like to meet “Jacare” in the cage again soon to rectify that.

“I was really frustrated with the end result,” Kennedy said. “Jacare is an amazing contender and now a champion. I was humbled that I was able to go five rounds with him, but I think it goes without saying that I’d like another five rounds with that guy. It’s going to be different.”

Kennedy was surprised that the action was mostly kept standing and that “Jacare” never really looked to get the fight to the mat. He also criticized himself for not putting more pressure on the Brazilian.

“We’re talking about the most decorated grappler in the planet,” said Kennedy. “I expected him to want to grapple. He countered with me the whole time and I was surprised. I should have put more pressure on him. The only time anyone got dropped in the fight was when I dropped him, but he’s got the belt.”

New Strikeforce Middleweight Champion “Jacare’s” record improves to 13-2 with the win and he is now on a three-fight winning streak. Kennedy falls to 12-3 and had his four-fight win streak broken by the loss.