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Dana White, Joe Rogan Discuss Retirement

On a recent episode of the UFC’s new online show UFC Ultimate Insider, UFC President Dana White spoke with color commentator Joe Rogan about a number of subjects with the most important likely being their retirement. Props to FightoftheNight for the transcription.

Rogan broached the subject of retirement by asking the brash figurehead about his endgame.

“What is the ultimate goal?” Rogan asked White. ” Do you ever see yourself walking away from this? Do you think that it will ever get successful enough that where you’ll feel you can step away from the helm?”

White responded with a somewhat surprising eagerness, saying that once he carries the sport to a point that it can walk on its own that he will walk away from the sport he helped pioneer.

“Yeah, I do…I actually really do,” said White. “The end game is, we came in and our goal was to grow a sport, and my definition of a sport is – everybody is playing all over the world, playing by the same rules. So…and it’s happening a lot faster than I thought it would. You know, we’ve only owned this company for nine years. It’s be ten years this January. So in ten years if you look at what we’ve accomplished, it’s pretty amazing. So I think that, you know, in the next five years we can get the rest of this done and literally we’ll be doing fights all over the world. And yeah, I would. When that is done, I feel like I’ve done my part and done my job and we’ll let somebody else come in here and do this sh*t.”

The conversation then turned humorous as Rogan announced that he would walk away from his commentating duties the day that White retires as UFC Pres.

Joe Rogan: “I told you, when you quit, I’m quittin’…I’m quittin’!”

Dana White: (laughs) “OK, maybe I’ll just stay another ten years then.”

Joe Rogan: (laughs) “No, somebody’s got to do it. Kenny Florian’s doing a good job [commentating]. He’s ready!”

Rogan and White are two of the sport’s most notable and recognizable non-fighting figures. It will be hard to replace them when they do eventually walk away.