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Tim Kennedy Is Ready To Battle

In today’s glamorized sports world, the term ‘hero’ is often misused. In Strikeforce middleweight Tim Kennedy’s case, the moniker fits like a glove.

“There’s nothing like a special forces [Operation Detachment Delta],” Kennedy told “I miss the satisfaction of being part of really important things.

“The last time I was in Afghanistan, I was helping bases that were getting [hit with Improvised Explosive Devices] a lot. I was able to help not let those things happen. I was able to help little girls get to school. I’m not proud of fighting, but I miss all the awesome parts of the military.”

If that wasn’t impressive enough, the modern day Renaissance Man is also looking to challenge Emeril Lagasse in the kitchen when it’s all said and done. So he’ll be able to cook his way into your hearts, if he hasn’t won them over already.

“I’m very anxious to be done fighting, be done with my military career and [then] maybe go to culinary school,” Kennedy added. “I don’t care if I have every title in MMA. I’m still going to be the same guy. I’m still going to have all my roots in the military community, in my church, (and) with my family.

“It doesn’t matter what commercials I’m doing, or how many people I’ve knocked out in the past year. It’s still going to be about doing the right thing and doing my best.”

Kennedy takes on Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza for the vacant middleweight crown tonight at “Strikeforce: Houston.”