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Chad Corvin’s UFC Career On Hold

According to a recent interview conducted by, heavyweight fighter Chad Corvin’s status as a UFC-employed competitor is on hold pending medical clearance.

Corvin, a Kentucky native, was expected to make his Octagon debut at UFC 113 against Joey Beltran but was forced out of the bout due to an undisclosed condition which prevented him from obtaining medical clearance. Corvin told MMAJunkie that he is still under contract with the UFC and is still preparing on making an eventual debut with the promotion.

“I’m just biding my time, training hard, and waiting for my moment to shine,” said Corvin.

A plumber by trade, Corvin is currently saving money in order to undergo the surgery he will need to correct his medical issue so that he may attain clearance to fight again. Corvin is picking up the bill himself in order to avoid increased insurance rates or being dropped from his policy.

“It’s all coming out of my pocket,” he said. “I’m an average Joe; I’ve got a mortgage payment, and the house comes before fighting.”

Corvin is working toward a return to the cage and is hopeful that his dream of competing in the Octagon will soon come true.

“I’m trying to make this work out the cheapest and easiest way I can,” he said. “Only time will tell. What fighter doesn’t want to get in the Octagon and get in the spotlight?”