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Rafael Dos Anjos: I Would Have Beaten Clay Guida If He Didn’t Break My Jaw

UFC lightweight fighter Rafael Dos Anjos was one round away from getting one step closer to a title shot when he took on frenetic 155’er Clay Guida on August 7th at UFC 117 but “The Carpenter” threw a wrench into the Brazilian’s plans when he landed a crisp combination early in the fight that broke Dos Anjos’ jaw. Though Dos Anjos was leading on the judges’ scorecards for the first two rounds of their lightweight contest, in the third round Guida took Dos Anjos down and ground his forearm into the Brazilian’s jaw, forcing the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt to tap out from the pain. Dos Anjos recently spoke with Brazilian MMA news source about the bout and about what he thought the outcome would be had he not suffered the broken jaw.

“Well, on the first minute of fight I was going inside him and he punched me twice and it broke my jaw in two different places,” said Dos Anjos. “When I touched my teeth with my tongue I felt that everything was out of place and I had swallowed a lot of blood … The truth is that, after he broke my jaw, I felt it like if it was a series tiny electric shock on my head, it was very weird, and it got sensible too. Any punch or pressure on that area would make the shocks become harder and harder and I got dizzy and lose my strength. When he pressured me on the grid I couldn’t handle it. Joe Silva said I’ll come back. I think everyone could see I was better in the fight. If I hadn’t broken my jaw, I would have won that fight.”

Whether or not Dos Anjos would have defeated Guida is a moot point; Guida has the W over Dos Anjos but the Brazilian impressed in defeat and, at 3-3 in the UFC and 3-1 in his last four fights, is not in much danger of being dropped from the UFC’s roster. Dos Anjos is an incredibly talented lightweight and has a bright future in the division; one loss due to an injury won’t drop him too far down the light weight rankings.