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Chael Sonnen Claims He Doesn’t Get A Cut Of UFC Pay-Per-View Sales

Perpetual hype-machine Chael Sonnen delivered on just about every word he uttered during the several-month long trash talk crusade that he waged against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva when they met in the cage on August 7th. Sonnen thrashed Silva for four and a half rounds before getting submitted with a triangle choke late in the fifth. In addition to apparently getting under Silva’s skin enough to cause the normally-unflappable champion to falter for the majority of five rounds, Sonnen’s trash talking tirade also drew attention and viewers to their middleweight title fight; but he said on a recent episode of Fighting Words with Mike Straka that he isn’t looking for any compensation for the added sales.

“I’m not a partner to the UFC,” Sonnen said. “I’m not in on the pay-per-view sales. I get a flat fee. So I’m just not in the job of selling fights.”

Sonnen told Straka that he isn’t upset at not drawing any income from the pay-per-view sales. On the contrary, he believes it his duty to bring in more viewers to the UFC.

“Not only did I not get a piece, I’m not entitled to a piece,” said Sonnen. “Dana White owes me nothing. I’m in debt to Dana White. I want to make the UFC money. The UFC does not owe me a thing. Nothing. I am in debt to them.”

The West Linn, Oregon native recently said on an episode of ESPN MMA Live that he believes he will be Silva’s next opponent but that Silva may not be his, expressing a desire to fight again as soon as possible. There is no official word as of yet, or really any reliable speculation, concerning who Sonnen will face next or when he will next appear but you can be sure that he will continue to bring in viewers, fans and sales for the UFC whenever he makes his return.