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Chael Sonnen’s Manager Talks Anderson Silva’s Injury

Mike Roberts, Chael Sonnen’s manger, told this week that he believes UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva was injured leading up to his meeting with Sonnen. However, there was no need to bring the topic up.

“I believe [he injured his ribs], but my take on that is this; even if it’s true, there’s no need to say that. There’s no point,” Roberts stated. “And I mean, Chael has plenty of issues that distracted him and injuries going into this fight that it’s just pointless to bring up. I don’t know of a fighter that has gone in [to a fight] non-injured.”

Clearly, the only reason the planet’s deadliest assassin would bring this top secret info to light is to try and tarnish Sonnen’s nearly perfect performance at UFC 117, right?

“Oh, sure. For sure. That’s the only way there is to look at it,” Roberts matter-of-factly said while acknowledging that Sonnen wasn’t shocked to hear Silva mention his injury.

Another thing that doesn’t surprise Team Sonnen is the fact Team Spider doesn’t believe an instant rematch is warranted. Although his client destroyed the champ for 23 minutes and 10 seconds, Roberts isn’t hating on the Brazilians for wanting to protect their meal ticket.

“I don’t blame them for wanting to fight Vitor Belfort first,” he said of the front-runner likely to get next dibs. “I mean, look what you saw. You think Anderson is dying to get back in there for another 5Rounds of that? I don’t blame him for saying that. It makes way more sense for Chael and Anderson to fight again.

“I’m sure Dana will make the right decision. He’s a very smart guy.”