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Chael Sonnen Wants Rematch With Anderson Silva

Just days removed from watching the biggest win of his career slip through his fingers and wrap around his neck, Chael Sonnnen is desperately trying to get UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva to arrange a rematch.

“We’ve had talks,” Mike Roberts, Sonnen’s manger, told “I just had a talk with [the UFC] [Monday] morning. You know, we don’t tell them how to do their job. The only thing that we do is tell them what we want, and the simple question was asked, ‘What does Chael want?’ And Chael’s answer was, ‘I want to do this again. The party ain’t over yet.’

“They said they were going to figure it out, probably in the next week. [UFC president Dana White] and [Octagon matchmaker Joe Silva] are going to get together and put their heads together and see what makes sense. I’m sure Anderson and [manager Ed Soares] are going to say their opinions on what they think and we’re going to say our opinions on what we think, and Dana and Joe will figure out the best scenario.

“But I can’t imagine that any less than 7 out of 10 fans would want to see that fight again.”

If an immediate mulligan is arranged, it will have to wait until 2011. It was reported yesterday that Silva’s injured ribs will force him to ride the pine until March.