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Boxer Bernard Hopkins Weighs In On Toney-Couture

In a recent interview with Strikeforce color-commentator Mauro Renallo on Sirius’ Hardcore Sports Radio show, boxing legend Bernard Hopkins gave his thoughts on the upcoming James Toney-Randy Couture bout. Hopkins believes that Toney, a fellow boxing great, has gotten in over his head by jumping into the deep waters of mixed martial arts.

“I think James Toney is going to get his ass kicked. James Toney is out of his league,” Hopkins said. “I believe and I’ll go on record with this, the best MMA guy or UFC guy goes up against the best boxer in the world, in their arena … gets their ass kicked. I don’t care if it’s Floyd (Mayweather), (Manny) Pacquiao or Bernard Hopkins. It’s not what we do.”

Hopkins has decried the sport of MMA before but is now joining fellow boxer David Haye in admitting that even the best boxer would not be able to hang in an MMA ring considering the myriad aspects of mixed martial arts competition that a boxer would have to contend against. Haye also went on record as saying that he believes Toney has no chance against Couture and both Haye and Hopkins are giving voice to popular opinion. Few are giving “Lights Out” a chance against “The Natural” come their August 28th UFC 118 meeting but if MMA has taught us anything it is that absolutely anything can happen come fight night and to expect the unexpected. Whether that lesson will be reinforced in the Toney-Couture bout remains to be seen.