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Dana White: UFC Looking To Expand In Brazil

UFC President Dana White, who recently mentioned that the UFC is looking to establish a presence in Brazil before the 2016 Olympic Games hit the South American country, recently told that the UFC is preparing to make a big marketing push in Brazil in order to further establish their brand there.

“We’re spending money in Brazil right now,” White said. “We’re spending marketing money, PR money, and we’ve got people down there working for us.”

With a host of Brazilian fighters on its roster, two Brazilian champions and with this past weekend’s UFC 117 event being unofficially marketed as a USA vs. Brazil card it seems as though the UFC is poised to break into the Brazilian market but White told MMAJunkie that establishing a presence in a new market is easier said than done.

“You get into these countries, and you have to go in there and cultivate the market,” White said. “Look at how long we’ve been in the U.K. and how much money and effort and energy we’ve put into there, and we’re not on pay-per-view yet. It’s driving us crazy, but people don’t realize how much work we put into this thing – not only here in the U.S. and all the things we do here but all over the world. It’s a big job.”

That said, White is confident that progress will be made and even hinted that there will be news to report on the UFC’s Brazilian expansion efforts in the coming weeks.

“We’re on it,” White said. “We’re going to be announcing some stuff real soon. Very soon. Real fast – like in the next couple of weeks. We’re getting there. We’re knocking this stuff down a lot faster than I thought we would.”