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Ed Soares Not Excited About Possible Chael Sonnen Rematch

Saturday night in Oakland, California UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva added another layer to his legacy by surviving a four and a half round beating only to come back and submit his opponent, Chael Sonnen. Though he won the fight and retained his championship, many are calling for an immediate rematch with Sonnen due to the challenger’s unprecedented success against Silva. “The Spider’s” manager, Ed Soares, appeared on’s The MMA Hour, hosted by Ariel Helwani, and gave his thoughts on the possibility of an immediate rematch with Sonnen.

“At the end of the day, whatever the UFC wants, we’ll do,” said Soares. “No problem. There’s a part of me that thinks that it would make a lot of sense to do a rematch. I don’t know where [the UFC’s] head’s at, and what they want to do. But on the other hand I feel like, you know what? He had his opportunity.”

“The way I look at it is, Chael fought his fight,” Soares went on. “And Chael had Anderson on his back for twenty-two minutes of that fight. …The way I feel is that Chael had Anderson in the position he wanted him, and if he wasn’t able to finish Anderson in twenty-two minutes in the position you said you wanted him in, then, hey man, you had your shot. No offense, not saying you can’t get another shot, but you know what I mean?”

The ending of the fight was controversial at first as Sonnen seemed to be protesting the stoppage after he tapped out. Confused over whether or not the fight was over Silva continued fighting off of his back as the referee intervened causing a very tense moment inside the Octagon. Fueled by that, the tension created by the fight itself and spurred on by one of Sonnen’s cornermen, Soares had a minor verbal altercation inside the Octagon post-fight with Sonnen’s team. Soares explained the fracas to Helwani.

“What happened was, number one, I was upset that Chael was…trying to deny at first that he tapped,” said Soares. “I went through that scenario once before with Chael myself, with Paulo Filho. Chael has been known to do that once in a while. I don’t think Chael is a dirty fighter. I don’t think any of that. But when I walked in the ring, I can remember looking over towards Chael’s corner and I saw his boxing trainer kind of look at me and put the thumbs down towards Anderson. And you know what? I lost my cool. I can tell you that if I could take it back, I would, but my emotions got the best of me at that moment and definitely some words were said.”

Soares represents some of the best Brazilian fighters in MMA including but not limited to Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida, Silva, Junior dos Santos, Jose Aldo and the Nogueira brothers. Aside from performing managerial duties and acting as translator for his clients, Soares counts them among his close friends and takes offense when they are unfairly put down.

“I was pissed,” he said. “But like I said many times before, these guys are not just my clients. These guys are my friends and my family. I love these guys. I love every one of my guys. When you see your guy go through what [Silva] went through, when I walked in and saw that, it just struck a nerve. If I offended anybody, I seriously apologize.”