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UFC 117: Anderson Silva Vs. Chael Sonnen

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 117: Silva vs. Sonnen. To access our full coverage, click here.

This bout is for the UFC Middleweight Championship

Silva walks out in his gi with his black belt, smiling wide. Silva hugs Steven Seagal before “Stitches” applies the vaseline. Sonnen calling Silva to the cage and Silva ignores Sonnen as he circles the Octagon. The ref for this bout is Josh Rosenthal. The staredown is mild, they touch gloves.

Round 1: They immediately start fighting and Silva lands a one-two. Silva catches a kick and spins Sonnen around. The crowd chants “Silva.” Silva dumps Sonnen on his head and he somersaults backward. Sonnen rocks Silva with a punch and “The Spider backs up. Silva gets Sonnen to the ground and Sonnen uses a guillotine to stand up. Sonnen nailing Silva with hard shots to the face, Silva is hurt but is keeping his hands down. Sonnen hits a strong double and gets Silva to the ground. Sonnen in Silva’s half guard. Sonnen has Silva’s back and is landing solid shots from the top. Silva is fighting from the bottom but this is all Sonnen so far. Silva reestablishes full guard. Sonnen cracks Silva with a big right hand from the top. Sonnen traps Silva’s right arm. Silva back to full guard. Sonnen is pounding Silva from the top. Sonnen in side control. Sonnen dropping bombs from the top. Wow. scores the round 10-8 for Sonnen.

Silva won’t take the stool.

Round 2: Silva lands a nice leg kick and is looking to land big but Sonnen gets him right back to the ground. Silva with good elbows from the bottom. Sonnen gets into Silva’s half guard. The crowd now chants “USA.” Sonnen boxing Silva’s ears as Silva holds on to him, looking for the standup. Sonnen slamming Silva’s head to the mat. Silva is taking more damage in this fight possibly than he ever has. Sonnen peppering Silva with shots from the top. Silva with an elbow from the bottom. Silva is defending well from the bottom. Sonnen with a big left hand. Silva looking for submissions but Sonnen avoiding well. Sonnen landing constantly from the top. Silva looking for a kimura against the cage. Sonnen is relentless as the round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Sonnen.

Round 3: Silva with a big spinning back kick. Sonnen gets another takedown. Silva looking for a kimura again. Sonnen has Silva’s back but is not trying to put in the hooks. Sonnen kneeing Silva’s legs and throwing endless, peppering shots to Silva’s head. Silva rolls but Sonnen is right on top of him. The crowd chants “Sonnen.” Silva locks the body triangle in an attempt to slow Sonnen. Sonnen throwing rapid fire, short punches at Silva. Sonnen landing to the body. Silva is getting beat up here and he has very little answer for Sonnen’s attack so far. scores the round 10-9 for Sonnen.

Round 4: Silva lands a right and a flying body kick. Silva lands a solid elbow that buckles Sonnen. He shucks off a takedown. Silva brawling here, landing shots that have Sonnen backing up. He stops another takedown and gets on top of Sonnen. Sonnen reverses Silva and gets back on top. More of the same now. Sonnen pounding on Silva, not letting him up. More “USA” chants. Under two minutes to go and Silva cannot find an answer for Sonnen’s top control. Sonnen is puffed up and bleeding but winning this fight handily. scores the round 10-9 for Sonnen.

Silva looks ready to go but needs the finish here.

Round 5: Silva bouncing around and looking to exchange here. Silva gets rocked and hits the canvas. Sonnen all over him again. Sonnen is going for an arm triangle but Silva gets out of it. Joe Rogan says that after seeing a replay, it looks as though Silva slipped and was not rocked. Three minutes left with Sonnen on top, it looks like the UFC is about to get a new middleweight champion. Sonnen landing constantly from on top. Silva still has no answer. Silva throws up a triangle. Sonnen taps!!! The ref stops it but Sonnen protests the stoppage. The replay shows what looks like a tap from Sonnen but it is hard to say for sure. Strange end to a great showing by Sonnen.

Anderson Silva defeated Chael Sonnen via submission (triangle) at 3:10 of Round 5.

Silva bows to Sonnen and embraces him. Silva gives props to Sonnen. Silva says that his ribs were hurt and that the doctor did not want him to fight but that for the fans and for the UFC, he fought. Sonnen admits that he came up short and in second tonight, seems to admit that he tapped. Crazy stuff.