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Anderson Silva: Sonnen’s Trash Talk Not Bothersome

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva is set to make his record-breaking seventh title defense this Saturday night at UFC 117 against Chael Sonnen. Despite Silva’s status as champion and one of the best fighters alive, most of the attention leading up to UFC 117 has been paid to Sonnen for his over-the-top verbal attack on Silva. “The Spider” recently spoke with MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani and addressed Sonnen’s trash talk, staying characteristically benign in the verbal war.

“It’s fine, Chael is a good guy,” Silva said of Sonnen’s verbal attack, trying out his English in the process.

Silva told Helwani that his focus Saturday night is on achieving his own goals and not on what Sonnen has to say.

“My biggest priority is to go out there and do my job well done and to go out there and show the world what I’ve built up to because this is many, many years of training, many, many years of dedication to accomplish what I hope to do on Saturday night which is retain my belt,” Silva said through translator Ed Soares.

As far as trying to please his boss Dana White, his fans or his critics come Saturday night, Silva says that he is planning on doing his job without regard to pleasing anyone.

“I’m here to do my job well done, and that’s what I’m gonna do,” Silva said. “I’m not here to specifically please anyone. … People say that I joke around, I love what I do, I enjoy what I do so I do have fun with it but I don’t ever want anybody to [think that I’m] going into the Octagon without sincerity. I’m going in there to do my job well and regardless of what happens I just want people to know that I’m out there doing my job.”

Silva has always been one to make his most profound statements inside the cage. All eyes will be on Silva Saturday night to see what statement he will make.