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Anderson Silva Talks Pleasing Fans

While it’s tough to gauge how warmly Anderson Silva will be received tomorrow at UFC 117, not so much because of his three consecutive lackluster middleweight title defenses he’s posted, which was capped-off by his “embarrassing” performance at UFC 112 in April, but the fact challenger Chael Sonnen has gained immense popularity over the last several months as he’s had fans laughing with his diversified disses.

The 35-year-old has been in the game far too long to allow fickle fans to affect his life. However, as a father of five boys, Silva realizes that his antics are directly related to how he will be perceived. Considering the perception-is-reality world we live in, “The Spider” knows he needs to come out and play this weekend.

“I can’t please everyone. When you become world-known in a sport you become the target of cheap talking,” he said. “It’s necessary to watch yourself because any wrong attitude ends showing an opposite image of what you actual represented.”

Thankfully for the champ, the time for talking is done as Silva and Sonnen will finally meet tomorrow inside Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The live-pay-per-view broadcast kicks off at 10PM ET/7PM PT.