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Jon Jones Interested In Fighting James Toney At Heavyweight

Shortly after the startlingly young Jon “Bones” Jones dismantled veteran mixed martial artist Vladimir Matyushenko Sunday night, the Greg Jackson-trained fighter sat down with Ariel Helwani for the Versus network’s The Daily Line program to discuss his win. During the course of the conversation, the subject of James “Lights Out” Toney’s recent warning to Jones was brought up and the 23-year old offered his opinion on the matter.

The verbal blows between Jones and Toney started when Jones gave an interview with TapouT Radio and called Toney naive for thinking that he will be able to go far in MMA on boxing alone. Jones went on to call Toney “ignorant” for his approach to MMA so far and also said that he “didn’t really have a hard time calling him ignorant because of some of the statements he’s made about our sport.”

Toney responded through the website some time later calling Jones a “homo” and threatening to “slap his a**” for “talking sh**.” The gist of Toney’s rant was that Jones is too young and inexperienced to be talking negatively about a fighter of “Lights Out’s” caliber and experience.

The perennially humble and polite Jones told Helwani that he won’t be engaging in a public slapping match with Toney anytime soon but would relish the chance to take on the boxing champion inside of the Octagon.

“I never meant to offend him but I guess he took offense by that,” Jones said of the comments he made. “He said he would slap me if he saw me at a UFC event so I’ll let that guy prove his own ignorance. Obviously, slapping me you could end up facing some type of assault charges. How about he get past Randy Couture and call me out and we’ll settle it in the Octagon.”

Toney is scheduled to face MMA legend Randy Couture this August 28th at UFC 118 in a fight that Jones “doubts” he will be able to win. Should Toney make it past Couture, however, Jones said that he would be happy to put on some pounds to meet “Lights Out” in his native heavyweight division.

“Well, I tell you what, I would bump up to heavyweight to beat [Toney] up,” Jones said when asked if he has any aspirations of competing with the heavies.

Jones, who competes at 205 pounds in the light heavyweight division, told Helwani that for this fight he weighed 231 pounds before cutting to 205 and that on fight night he weighed in around 226 pounds. “Bones” said that his main focus will always be the light heavyweight division but he mused that he could likely “get up to 240″ and could “give a lot of heavyweights a hard time.”

Jones is one of the brightest young stars currently competing in the UFC. At only 23-years old, Jones has a world of potential left to unlock and many believe that he is the uncrowned heir to the light heavyweight throne. The sky seems to be the limit for the soft-spoken New Yorker and should his travels ever take him into the deep waters of the UFC’s heavyweight division you can bet that all eyes will remain on Jonny “Bones” Jones.