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Anderson Silva No Longer Interested In Changing Weight Classes

Ever-enigmatic UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva has seem so thoroughly bored with the middleweight division lately that few actually picture “The Spider” sticking around at 185 for too much longer. Silva, who has fought twice already at light heavyweight, has himself mentioned a desire to move up as high as heavyweight and possibly even as low as welterweight in search of a challenge. All of those divisions hold interesting prospects for the Brazilian fighter but, according to, Silva has changed his mind and may no longer be interested in visiting other weight classes, opting instead to finish out his career as a middleweight.

Translated by manager/interpreter Ed Soares during yesterday’s UFC 117 conference call, Silva issued a message to any would-be challengers residing in other weight classes.

“If you want to beat me up, make weight and come fight me in my category, my division,” he said.

Silva has taken plenty of flak lately for what have been perceived as several lackluster performances put on in his middleweight title defenses. Fans and pundits alike have attempted to offer explanations for his strange, in-cage behavior and many have settled on the idea that “The Spider” is simply bored with the lack of competition at 185 pounds. Silva refuted that claim, saying that he is perfectly happy fighting at middleweight and plans to continue doing so.

“I haven’t gotten bored,” said “The Spider.” “I like my sport. I like my weight division that I fight in, and I’m prepared to stay in my weight division.”

Clearing things up even more, Silva corrected Soares and in doing so indicated that he may not be interested in leaving his weight division again.

“Basically, what he said is that he said I didn’t translate it exactly, but he wants to retire fighting in his weight category,” said Soares.

As recently as this April, Silva had expressed a desire to try his hand at welterweight in order to take on UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre and having had such success at light heavyweight (knocking out both James Irvin and Forrest Griffin in spectacular fashion) it is interesting to wonder what exactly spurred Silva into changing his mind about jumping weight classes. Obviously it remains to be seen whether or not Silva will stick to his word but with Chael Sonnen knocking down his door and Vitor Belfort waiting patiently in the wings (not to mention a number of talented middleweights steadily climbing the ranks), Silva has plenty to keep him busy at 185 for the foreseeable future. The conference call was held in promotion of Silva’s upcoming title defense against Chael Sonnen which will be going down this August 7 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.